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Policy, Community Engagement and Advocacy: We do this by supporting leadership skill development among families and adult residents, developing and implementing advocacy strategies that are informed by residents and, engaging residents and organizations in the translation of programmatic work into policy recommendations. Our ultimate aim is that Central Richmond parents/primary caregivers effect positive changes in home, schools and neighborhoods to ensure that they are responsive to the needs of families and children.

Community Wellness: Coordinated, comprehensive system that supports community wellness, provides services that support families to navigate traumatic experiences and fortifies them to create community change. BBK’s work puts resident interests and concerns at the fore and is characterized by a model that enables our partners to: work more effectively and responsively with residents; improve outcomes; reduce barriers to success; increase provider accountability, and create a truly collaborative and healing environment.

Techquity: The absence of strong digital literacy and STEM skills compounds existing challenges faced by local parents and their children as they are unable to harness the power of 21st Century tools to address their needs. BBK is going beyond a focus on internet access to supporting families to acquire the literacies necessary to use technology as a tool for social, educational, and economic advancement. Furthermore, it is our goal to work toward ensuring that the racial and ethnic diversity of employees and leadership of Bay area tech sectors is reflective of current demographic trends in the Bay Area. At BBK we believe creating Techquity in the tech industry is an important opportunity for generating widespread opportunity and shared prosperity.

Convening and Action Planning: Ensure strategic alignment across partners at all levels, provide facilitation to help guide the development of work around outcomes, build resident and partner capacity to assess and request relevant services; support residents, providers and policymakers to pursue, support and engage practices that get results.

Pipeline to a Livable Wage: Nationally, the nonprofit sector employs about 1 of 11 U.S. workers, it is the third largest employment industry in our nation and generally offers competitive, livable wage salaries. Nonprofit organizations based in Richmond employ a significant number of individuals, though a small percentage of those employees come from or presently live in Richmond or the communities being served by nonprofits. Unfortunately, the significance of employment in local nonprofits for people from Central Richmond communities has been unrecognized, ignored, or minimized. We feel strongly that it is crucial that the nonprofit sector in Richmond provide significantly more employment opportunities for residents living in the communities being served by organizations in the sector. Doing this well will give residents greater access to livable wage jobs in their home community and employment in the nonprofit sector represents one way of expressing the inherent human need to contribute – doing something that matters. Our intention is therefore to support Central Richmond adults to build a variety of skill sets that will help them advance inside BBK and other organizations that serve Central Richmond families. Our organizational culture, onboarding and retention practices, opportunities for development, coaching, and mentoring directly address this intention while helping Richmond residents achieve better results for our organization and Central Richmond communities.