The Collaborative is comprised of a couple dozen government agencies, nonprofit groups, and local leaders, all creating change in Richmond’s Iron Triangle neighborhood. Our member organizations have worked with one another for as many as 35 years. We share similar philosophies on how best to achieve our mission of keeping Iron Triangle residents happy, healthy, and informed. We recognize that no single agency can address the myriad needs facing residents of the BBK Zone and surrounding neighborhoods, therefore, while each individual member provides valuable social, health and/or academic supports to the Iron Triangle children and families, the Collaborative collectively knits those services together in a more comprehensive and coordinated system.

Collaborative Membership
Bay Area Community Resources (website) (local wiki)
Brighter Beginnings (website) (local wiki)
Contra Costa County Children and Family Service Bureau (website) (local wiki)
Contra Costa County Community Services Bureau (website) (local wiki)
Contra Costa County Public Health (website) (local wiki)
Contra Costa Child Care Council (website) (local wiki)
Early Childhood Mental Health Program (website) (local wiki)
East Bay Center for the Performing Arts (website) (local wiki)
First 5 Contra Costa (website) (local wiki)
Office of John Gioia, Contra Costa County Supervisor (website) (local wiki)
Healthy & Active Before 5 (website) (local wiki)
Internet Archive (website) (local wiki)
Kaiser Permanente Public Affairs, East Bay (website) (local wiki)
LIFT – Levántate (website)
Office of George Miller, US Congressman (website) (local wiki)
The Stride Center/ReliaTech (website) (local wiki)
Office of Neighborhood Safety (website) (local wiki)
Pogo Park (website) (local wiki)
Richmond Community Foundation (website) (local wiki)
Richmond Main Street (website)
Richmond Public Library (website) (local wiki)
Urban Tilth (website) (local wiki)
Cheryl Vaughn, resident
West Contra Costa Public Education Fund (website) (local wiki)
West Contra Costa Youth Service Bureau (website) (local wiki)
YMCA of the East Bay (website) (local wiki)
Youth Enrichment Strategies (website) (local wiki)