Coro Youth Fellows and Summer Volunteer Support Community Efforts at BBK

For the second consecutive year, Building Blocks for Kids Collaborative is working in partnership with the Coro Youth Fellows Program. Tamara Jones is a student at Pinole Valley High School and Pamela Patino is a student at Pittsburg High School. As Coro Youth Fellows, Ms. Jones and Ms. Patino will participate in experiential learning and training to develop leadership and civic engagement skills. At BBK, they will support projects related to the summer programming at Belding Garcia Park and they will also construct a history of BBK to be published and shared. Recently, the Youth Fellows took a field trip to learn about the Iron Triangle community.

Tamara-parkToday’s little field trip consisted of stopping at three places within the Iron Triangle. The three places we stopped at were: Pogo Park, the Coronado YMCA, and the Greenway. Although they were all really fun, the most exciting place was Pogo Park. At Pogo Park we got on the Zip-line. Very scary, but it gave me an exciting rush. I haven’t had that much fun since elementary school. This little trip inspired me to do better in my community. Seeing all the kids together being active brought joy to my heart. Definitely an exciting day.

– Written by Tamara Jones, Coro Youth Fellow. Tamara attends Pinole Valley High School.

Pamela-parkDuring our little field trip we visited a few different locations in Richmond’s Iron Triangle. We visited Pogo Park, YMCA, and the Greenway. My favorite part of the trip was the Greenway because I had no idea you could create such beautiful scenery in a biking trail! There is a trail in the city I live in, but it is plain and it is filled with dried up grass. Walking through this path inspired me to start planting my plant for my upcoming A.P Biology class. The effort everyone put in to create this is inspiring, and I hope it grows and thrives into something even more magical than it already is.

– Written by Pamela Patino, Coro Youth Fellow. Pamela attends Pittsburg High School.

Valerie Jameson, a recent University of California, Berkeley graduate, is volunteering with BBK Collaborative this summer to develop a training session for Iron Triangle parents. The training will address issues in education and highlight how school districts operate and function.

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