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Ensuring access to the Internet and the entire digital and technological spectrum of opportunities. Thereby, providing youth and families access to key resources that will offer them the power to engage and change the relevance and effectiveness of digital and technological resources and tools.


Families living in Central Richmond have the 21st Century Information Communication Technology skills necessary to succeed.
• Central Richmond parents and children develop strong Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills and the digital literacies necessary to master the internet and computers and use ICT tools and skills in ways that will benefit them, their children, and community.
• Staff of BBK Collaborative develop strong Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills and the digital literacies necessary to use the internet and computers in ways that are sustaining to the organization and in support of the educational, social, and economic advancement or BBK Zone residents


Coding and STEM Clubs: Free 11- and 22-week workshop series, developed in partnership with Techbridge Girls, that covers different aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Computer Science coding through hands-on activities and demonstrations. Though the weekly classes are geared towards girls 7-15 years old, boys are welcome to participate if there is space available.

Summer of Minecraft: A partnership with Connected Camps, University of California and the City of Richmond, occurs over eight weeks in the summer. During the camp, Richmond youth, 7-13 years old, have the opportunity to learn the fundamental tools of coding through creative fun. Please see the paper developed by our University of California partners here and National Public Radio’s (NPR) coverage of our camps here.

Computer Distribution/Tech Fairs: These free events hosted in collaboration with our partner Tech Exchange, occur twice yearly and are held at the BBK event center. At the event families receive: a refurbished desktop computer, training on how to use the computer and protect minor children, guidance on how to trouble shoot problems and support signing on to low-cost broadband internet service.

For more information on any of these programs please check our calendar, call us at (510) 478-0810 or email us!


Since BBK began this work in 2010:
• We have supported over 150 Richmond youth to become innovators in STEM fields, leaders in their communities, and builders of their own futures through exposure to Computer Science and technology.
• In partnership with California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF), we have distributed free desktop computers to over 1,000 households
• Through our access work, we have connected close to 300 households with free and low-cost internet service.


Some include: The City of Richmond, The Stride Center, Oakland Exchange West, University of California, Berkeley Department of Computer Science

For more information about our DIGITech work please contact us.

To learn more about our research and our partners go here(PDF).