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Health and Wellness

We partner with Central Richmond families to overcome trauma and other barriers to excellent health so that they may strengthen their ability to support their children, family and community toward healthy, successful development.


All Children and Adults Living in Central Richmond are Healthy.
• Healthy pregnancies and positive birth outcomes.
• People make healthy, informed food choices and have a healthy food environment.
• All families have a network of supportive and effective wellness information and services
• Children have a safe home environment.
• Mothers are healthy and well and able to mediate challenging life circumstances
• Children are able to participate in physical activity and actively play in their neighborhood.


Nurturing Parents: BBK collaborates with partners to provide evidenced based and informed learning opportunities focused on parents/primary caregivers living within Central Richmond. These sessions incorporate curricula for child(ren)/youth that are aligned with learning objectives for parent participants, creating an ongoing mechanism for mutual learning and reinforcement at home. Classes are free and dinner and developmental child care are provided.

Women’s Sanctuary: Through our Sanctuary groups we educate, support healing, offer mothers the opportunity to share information, build community and work with moms to develop accessible approaches to maintaining their mental health and that of their families and community. A welcome residual of this work with mothers is that they are also able to attain personal and collective power in a peaceful and stable environment.

Access to Wellness Resources: BBK partners with local providers to offer Richmond families access is to effective health supports, such as the Women’s Wellness Clinic and citywide family wellness events that promote getting outside and heathy activities.

Family Engagement Nights: These fun, free, monthly events are for children, parents, and caregivers. Our goal is to provide safe, enriching spaces for families to spend time together, promote healthy childhood development, and connect with helpful community partners and resources. Each month we feature a different partner who shares information about their services and hosts different crafts, activities and games for participating families.

Community Wellness Leaders: Recognizing that few Central Richmond families discuss mental health and other health issues though many are affected, BBK staff and resident participants were motivated to change that culture in the Richmond community. The goal has been to encourage families who need help to seek it early, and prevent future tragedies.
BBK staff also trains women in the Richmond community, who have been living with health challenges, to share their personal experiences; and, identify, design and implement events and activities that sustain wellbeing for families. By telling their stories and creating relevant events and activities for other families, these leaders hope to: reduce the social barriers that prevent people from obtaining treatment; decrease the fear, shame and isolation of families who have members with health challenges and conditions; and, talk openly with providers and funders about the barriers Central Richmond families encounter when seeking mental health and health support for family members.

For more information on any of these programs please check our calendar, call us at (510) 478-0810 or email us!


• Yearly, BBK provides wellness support and activities, referrals and resources to over 150 families.
• Programs that focus on the wellbeing of mothers support close to 250 mothers per year
• Annually, BBK ensures that, during the summer months, 500 children have clean, safe places to play and at least one healthy meal per day.


Some include: Contra Costa County Behavioral Health, Child Abuse Prevention Council, City of Richmond, Rich City Rides, West Contra Costa unified School District

For more information about our Health & Wellness work please contact us.