Education Working Group

Outcome: All BBK Zone students are supported, graduate as critical thinkers with 21st century skills, and are ready to succeed in college and/or career.

  • Children are ready for school learning (socially, cognitively, emotionally) at the time of school entry.
  • Children demonstrate achievement of grade-level proficiency in major subjects including reading and math.
  • Children are not chronically absent from school.
  • Children are in schools where income- and race-based reading gaps are eliminated by third grade.
  • Children/Youth have access to quality teachers.
  • Youth have access to rigorous curriculum.
  • Youth graduate from high school.
  • Youth graduate from college (or achieve a rigorous post-secondary credential).
  • Youth are active participants in civic life.
  • Families are actively involved in their child’s school.
  • Children have positive relationships with peers.
  • Children are engaged in school.
  • School has a positive climate.

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