Health and Wellness Working Group

Goal/Outcome: All Children and Adults Living in the Iron Triangle are Healthy.

  • Healthy pregnancies.
  • Positive birth outcomes.
  • People make healthy, informed food choices and have a healthy food environment.
  • Children have a safe home environment.
  • Children have a medical and dental home.
  • Children reach age 18 years old healthy and alive.
  • Children are able to participate in physical activity and actively play.

Meeting Minutes: The Health and Wellness Working Group meets on a monthly basis to plan activities and work towards the achievement of objectives.  Meeting minutes are available here to provide current and past information about working group progress.

July 2014 Health and Wellness Meeting Minutes (PDF)

Work Plan: The Health and Wellness Working Group developed a work plan to identify specific short- and long-term objectives, indicators, and strategies that will allow the Collaborative to work towards its broader Health and Wellness goal/outcome.

Current Health and Wellness Work Plan (MS Word)

Working Group Partners: The Health and Wellness Working Group efforts are spearheaded by a committed group of agencies and organizations within the larger BBK Collaborative and Iron Triangle community.  They include:

Bay Area Community Resources
Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School
Contra Costa County Human Services Department, Community Wellness and Prevention Program
Healthy And Active Before Five
Kaiser Permanente
Pogo Park
Richmond Main Street Initiative
Urban Tilth
Youth Enrichment Strategies
Youth Services Bureau

Activities and Events: In pursuit of the objectives and outcome listed above, the Health and Wellness Working Group leads, organizes, and supports many BBK Collaborative activities and events in the Iron Triangle.  More information about our progress and success is available here.